Evolutility.org 4.1

App Wizard

Build applications easilly with a step wizard to create Evolutility web application components and database tables without any hand-coding.

With this wizard Evolutility will gather the minimum information necessary to build your application. Here we will create a "to do list" by following simple steps.


Step 1 - Application definition

Gathers the application name, the entity name (as the user calls it) in singular and plural.

Step 2 - Data definition

Gathers the list of fields (labels and types).

Step 3 - Fields definition details

Specifies additional informations necessary for each field. Field properties depend on the field type choosen in the previous step.

Step 4 - Search options

Decides which fields are included in the search, advanced search, and list result.

Step 5 - Panels layout

Gathers the list of panels used to visually group fields together (in View and Edit modes). Also specifies the relative width of each panel according to a "flow positioning" scheme.

Step 6 - Fields layout

Decides which field belong to which panel (specified in the previous step), and the relative width of each field inside its panel.

Step 7 - The application is ready

This step shows the XML and SQL necessary for the application. This page also contains links to try or customize the application right away.